Preparing for restarting of Junior session

The details of the restart dates for sessions are included in the post ‘Sessions Restart – Sept 2021‘, so to see when various age groups will be restarting please check that post. Can be accessed via Recent Posts on the right side.

We are working through the various junior age group sessions to establish how many spaces are being retained by players who were already attending the last block of sessions before the summer break AND replied to the emails that were sent out (as per the post – Session Restart – Sept 2021).


For any spaces that have been become available in the junior age groups – during this week (by Thurs 2nd Sept, if not before) we will be emailing those on the waiting list to offer then a space (in the list order). They will be given a deadline to respond to the emails to accept the space at the sessions.

If waiting list players do not see the email in their Inbox, then please check Junk/Spam folders as some email systems filter into there.

Only players who get a final confirmation from us that they have a spot for a session will be able to attend the session.



**** NEW PLAYERS ****

New players should register their interest via email to [email protected]

Sessions Restart – Sept 2021

Sessions Restart details

Important that people read through the information, there are some changes for sessions.

Junior Players who were already attending the regular junior coaching sessions on either a Saturday or Friday across the various age groups (U8’s, U11’s, U14’s, U17/18) and were present during the last block of sessions before the summer break, have been sent an email (either 18th or 19th Aug) about them returning for when sessions start back in September.

A replied is required to the email for players to retain their spots for sessions when we start back. There is a deadline date for parents to respond by to the emails so that we know how many spots are available for new players at each session.

If you do not see the email in your Inbox, then please check Junk/Spam folders as some email systems filter into there.

Reminder: Players will NOT BE ABLE TO JUST TURN UP ON THE DAY for a session. They have to be pre-booked in for a space at the session.


AGE GROUP SESSIONS – ordered by restart dates

Starting on Mon 6th Sept (at Passmores)

  • U16 National League team – 7-9/9:15pm


Starting on Thurs 9th Sept (at Harlow Leisurezone)

  • U17’s (Years 10/11) – Session1 – 7-8pm
  • U17/U18’s (Years 12/13) – Session2 – 8-9pm


Starting on Fri 10th Sept (at Mark Hall Sportcentre)

  • U8’s (School years 1-3): 6:15-7:15pm
  • U11, U14, U17/18 – games sessions – details will be provided.
  • Friday Adult Social Session: 8:30-9:30pm


Starting on Sat 11th Sept (at Harlow Leisurezone)

  • U11’s (School years 4-5): Session1 – 3-4pm
  • U11’s (School years 5-6): Session2 – 4-5pm
  • U14’s (school years 7-8): Session1 – 5-6pm
  • U14’s (school years 8-9): Session2 – 6-7pm
  • Saturday Adult Social Session: 3:15-4:45pm (this is originally scheduled as 2 x 1 hour sessions between 3-5pm and may get reviewed as season progresses)

Hawks Covid guidelines (from 19th July)

Due to the increase in COVID cases in secondary, as well as primary schools in Harlow and surrounding areas, we have made the decision to keep our Club COVID 19 guidelines in place until the 1st August, even though the government will be changing the Guidelines on the 19th July. 

That means that our COVID rules, that we have been following all along, will be continuing until we are finished for the summer holidays.


  • Arrive 15 mins before the session for screening
  • Parents to accompany children into sessions for the screening process.
  • All players to complete a COVID 19 Screening sheet and bring to every session that you attend.
  • All parents to wear face masks at all times.
  • All players aged 11 and above to wear face masks while standing outside the hall waiting to enter for their training sessions
  • All players to come dressed and ready for playing
  • All players to bring hand sanitizer
  • All players to bring their own water bottles

If you show signs of COVID-19 symptoms, please DO NOT ATTEND the session.

We will review our procedures over the summer break and let you know of any changes before we restart in September.

Skills Centre sessions

Details of any sessions that are scheduled can be viewed under the ‘Skills Centre’ section from the Menu bar above or via this link –

The Hawks Skills Centre is located at Harlow Leisurezone.

Club members (who attend regular sessions OR are confirmed as being on the waiting list for regular sessions) should check for any sessions that they may wish to go to for their relevant age groups.

* Anyone who wants to attend any sessions in the Skills Centre must either be\become members of the Leisure Centre or pay a £2 guest fee at the reception desk.

There is an option for people to book sessions outside of the scheduled ones, see the Skills Centre section for more info.